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Below, you will find all of our fake College transcript customization options and information. We can create custom fake transcripts for you featuring just about whatever details and information you would like.

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    Exactly as you would like it printed on the diploma.

    Optional - For transcripts; Choose your own or leave this field blank and we will choose one for you (Example: "09-55729" or "AT-775469").

    This information is listed on most transcripts. You can leave this field blank however if you would like for us to list "N/A" in any Date of Birth fields.

    Is it a School with multiple campuses/locations? If so, let us know what city and state/province or campus you would like to have listed on the diploma (if applicable).

    "Computer Science" or "Sociology" for example. Some types of degrees don't require a major though, so this section is optional.

    When it comes to the classes / courses and course codes listed on your transcripts, we offer two options:

    1. We will choose the appropriate classes / courses for your chosen degree and major.

    2. Provide Your Own Transcript Information (+$25.99) - You can download our Custom Transcript Form, choose your own classes, class codes, grades, semester dates, etc. and upload it with your order using the "File Upload" button below.

    If you chose to provide your own transcript info in the option above (+$25.99), upload your Custom Transcript Form and any other related files or information here.

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    Fake Transcript Design & Layout

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    All of our academic transcript templates have been designed to look exactly like the REAL academic transcripts issued by many of the largest, most prestigious Colleges and Universities in the U.S., Canada, worldwide and online!

    3/4-inch, hexagon-shaped, tamper-proof security holograms that say "Authentic" when held at certain angles.

    Note! - If you are requesting or providing additional information to be used on the transcript you are ordering; 1) Download our Custom Transcript Form, 2) complete it with the EXACT information you want listed, 3) choose the "I will attach my Custom Transcript Form with my own classes & grades!" in the "Transcript Courses / Classes" option above and 4) Upload your Custom Transcript Form in the appropriate area above. Thanks!

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