Novelty College Diploma

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Below, you will find all of our fake college diploma customization options and information. Our fake university and college diplomas can be customized to your exact specifications and feature just about any information you like! Just fill in all of the required fields as you see fit!

Novelty College Diploma

  • Student Information

    Exactly as you would like it printed on the diploma.

    "Bachelor of Arts" or "Master of Business Administration" for example.

    "Computer Science" or "Sociology" for example. Some types of degrees don't require a major though, so this section is optional.

    Is it a School with multiple campuses/locations? If so, let us know what city and state/province or campus you would like to have listed on the diploma (if applicable).

    Honors awards can vary quite a bit depending on the College or University and your degree major. In some instances, you can be awarded "Cum Laude" honors for simply getting above a 3.3 Grade Point Average ("GPA") while at other schools you may have to finish in the top 8% of your class or have a 3.7 or higher GPA to be awarded the same honors. Either way, these options aren't a bad addition to your fake college diploma.

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    Diploma Design

    All of our diploma templates have been designed to look exactly like the REAL diplomas offered by many of the largest, most prestigious Colleges and Universities in the U.S., worldwide and online. We'd rather not confess which template was designed to match the one from which major College or University, but given our diverse selection, it is safe to say that at least one of the templates we offer is at least a 90% match to virtually any high school, college or university worldwide... and in a lot of cases, our "fake diplomas" look MORE AUTHENTIC than the real diploma your friend paid $50,000 for. ;-)

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